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    Rebuilding Joy

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What is “Joy for Nepal”?

It is our response to the earthquakes in Nepal. We refuse to let people of Nepal surrender to death, destruction and despair.

We raise money to help some of the most isolated and affected people in Nepal to rebuild their lives. We want them to rekindle joy, trust and hope.

We enrol people in Romania and around the world to make a contribution. We know how powerful sharing joy and compassion with people in need can be.

No earthquake can destroy kindness.

Join us!


Restarting Lives,

Rebuilding Joy



Alex Găvan

“I was in Everest Base Camp, on April 25, when the first earthquake took place. I survived the avalanche which followed, and remained in the Base Camp to rescue people. Two days later, when I left the mountain, I realised that the tragedy of the Nepali people was even tougher. They have no insurance company to assist them, they have no home to return to, many of them cry for their lost relatives, instead of finding comfort in their arms. Nepal and its people have given me enormously over the past 10 years, since I have been going there for high altitude climbing. They have marked my life forever, and made me be a better person. It is time to give back! In front of death and destruction, we need to have a compassionate and pro-active response, reaching out directly to the most affected people in Nepal. That’s why we have started the campaign “Joy for Nepal”, aiming to raise the money necessary to help and rebuild local communities, in partnership with Matthieu Ricard and his organisation, Karuna-Shechen”.

More about Alex Găvan

Matthieu Ricard

“We are very grateful to Alex Găvan for mobilising all good will and solidarity in favour of the earthquake victims in Nepal, through our organisation Karuna-Shechen. We are fully dedicated to put compassion in action with all our strength and hearts. We have a 50-strong medical team in Nepal who has been active for the last 15 years and is familiar with the situation. It is time to manifest solidarity, benevolence and concern to alleviate as much as possible the sufferings afflicting Nepalese people and help them to rebuild their lives.”

Born in France in 1946, as the son of French philosopher Jean-François Revel and artist Yahne Le Toumelin, Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk, author, translator, and photographer.

After completing his Ph.D. degree in cell genetics in 1972, he moved to the Himalayan region where he has been living for the past 40 years.

More about Matthieu Ricard

What is our approach?

We act to help people and communities restart normal lives, while regaining their joy of living and taking responsibility for their future.

Our main beneficiaries are people often forgotten by the large aid agencies: those living in isolated settlements scattered all over the country, up in the Himalayas. Many of them, children and adults, lost everything in the earthquake.

While most provide relief, our focus is on reconstruction and community empowerment. Your donations will mainly finance: rebuilding schools, medical assistance, clean water supply, developing local networks of people and leaders, including women, to enable them take on the responsibility of carrying the reconstruction further. As new disasters are possible, an amount up to 25% of the donations may go to emergency interventions.

The projects will be carried out through our partner in Nepal, one of the most experienced local organisations, Karuna-Shechen, set up by Matthieu Ricard in 2000.



Restarting Lives,

Rebuilding Joy

How to join us?

Help us restart lives and rebuild joy in Nepal by donating for our project, either as a private person, or as a company. No matter how small the donation, it makes a difference in the communities in need.

You can donate by online payment through our site or by sponsorship.

You can also spread the word and engage your friends in the cause, by using the online visuals we offer or by organising community fundraising events.

Every deed matters! It is the only way to replace debris with solidarity and compassion; ruin with construction; despair with trust and altruism.


Restarting Lives,

Rebuilding Joy


100% of the funds raised within this campaign will go directly to people and communities covered by the projects we finance in Nepal.

No money from donations will be used for administrative costs. The team in Romania works 100% pro bono, as a contribution for bringing joy in Nepal. Karuna-Shechen has the administrative costs covered by a specific donor.

We are committed to 100% transparency and we will publish reports to follow-up the activity within this campaign, at this section.

Please read at the links below the activity reports of Karuna-Shechen.


Restarting Lives,

Rebuilding Joy



Our cause to bring back joy in Nepal is growing with every one of us who believes in it and in our power to make it happen. We are grateful for the support received from our friends:

Ivan Patzaichin

Olympic Champion

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Eugen Voicu

Founder Certinvest

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Oana Pellea


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Cătălin Tolontan


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Adelin Petrișor


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We thank the companies who contribute to our project! We strongly appreciate their readiness to embark on a cause serving some of the most affected people in the world, just for the sake of giving.

Kayzen Institute
Hyperion Media
Human Invest
Timac Agro

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Doing good is teamwork. We are grateful to our partners who, through their own work and contribution, help us develop this fundraising campaign without any financial cost. Thanks to their support and commitment we are able to give 100% of the raised funds to people in Nepal:


A big thank you to Alex Lăpușan, Simona Lăpușan, Alex Axon, Adrian Limbășan, Solene Cesbron, Tuan Nini, Orlando Nicoară, Șerban Alexandrescu, Dan Bulucea, Antonio Eram, Horia Grozea, Mihaela Teleman, Ciprian Teleman, Raluca Brumariu, Cosmin Silistraru, Andreea Archip, Marius Negrea, Silviu Hotaran, Ioana Paverman, Eric Chazot, Crina Radu, Cristiana Ionescu, Iulian Ștefan, Petru Delea, Ioan Bunea.

Media Partners

Engaging people in a good cause needs a strong media support. We are grateful to our media partners who help us spread the word:

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Restarting Lives,

Rebuilding Joy


Share this project with those who share your joy of life: people with whom you run, you climb, you go trekking, you swim, you read, you dance.

You can join our campaign by developing your own fundraising activities, and the money you raise will go 100% for helping people in Nepal to restart their lives!

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If you want more information about what we do or how you can contribute, please drop a line to nepal@alexgavan.ro .

Thank you!


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