2% from the income tax

Romanian citizens or expats paying their taxes in Romania can redirect 2% from the tax income of 2014 towards an NGO, instead of letting the Romanian state decide upon their destination. Therefore, the 2% does not imply any cost from the payer.


• filing in Form 230 – if in 2014 you obtained only income salary or Form 200 – if in 2014 you also obtained other types of income such as: from intellectual property rights, Self Employed Persons activities, leases etc. Both forms are already filled in with the details of our NGO, therefore you would only have to add you identification details in the 1st rubric, the date and your signature.

• the filled in forms must be submitted to the Tax Authority you belong to until the 25th of May 2015. You can opt to register them in person, therefore you must have 2 copies of the Form, or using the mail post through a registered letter with advice of delivery, case in which only 1 copy must be transmitted.

Should you want us to submit these forms on your behalf, please contact us at nepal@alexgavan.ro.

More info about 2% deduction here

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