Romanian companies can redirect 20% from the profit tax towards a NGO.


Romanian companies can redirect 20% from the profit tax towards a NGO.

You can support our humanitarian activity by redirecting towards Association “Proiectul Cloud Climbing” 20% of the profit tax. In other words, instead of fully paying the profit tax to the State budget, you will be transferring 20% of the due amount in the bank created especially for this project: RO48 RZBR 0000 0600 1766 6333, opened at Raiffeisen Bank, Iancului Branch.

The sponsorship will reduce you profit tax to be paid with the granted amount, if the sponsorship value is lower than 0.3% from the turnover and does not exceed 20% from the due profit tax.
Should the sponsorship value exceed the before mentioned ceilings, it will still provide a fiscal relief, the state offering the possibility to report the difference for the following 7 consecutive fiscal years. The fiscal deductions will occur at each due term of the profit tax.

The sponsorship will be realized through a sponsorship contract between your company and Association “Proiectul Cloud Climbing”, an NGO established and existing under the laws of Romania, whose registered office is in Bucharest, C-tin Istrati 34, district 4, established under the decision of the Court in District 4, nr. 4300/4/2007, sole registration code CIF 21836875).

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