Kangchenjunga 2011 expedition

Monday, March 21, 2011 - 22:00

Kathmandu, Day 1

After a long day's after-flight sleep I just found a deserted Kathmandu and absolutely no place where to have my dinner: I'm really starving, it's 10 pm, March 22th and it's all closed.  The city had always strucked me with this "getting to bed early'" thing.  Even in Tom&Jery I found no climbers, a clear sign the season is still at the very start.

Due to the electricity shortage ( it's almost the same every season I come here) the power is turned off for as long as 48 hours at a time (as was a few days ago). Only in some places people have back-up generators.

On the way from airport  to the hotel I briefly stopped by to check in with my friends Bishnu Gurung (one of the best river guides of Nepal) and Bhola Kanal (Naga art dealer).

Tomorrow in the very morning I'll have back my two equipment barrels shipped via cargo from Bucharest and then I'll meet my friends Sonam and Kumar for recovering the stuff they deposited for me here from my last expedition.

Mario and Antonello will arrive tomorrow afternoon and Pawel is the last to arrive on Thursday. All the preparations completed, we shall leave for the Base Camp by March 26th.

Watching "Frost Over the World" on Al Jazeera and feeling that I still had not had enough sleep.


Girls eating dal bhat in their parent's shop in Kathmandu
A Tuesday evening deserted Kathmandu
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