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May 9, 2011

Ready for the summit! Alex Gavan on Radio Guerrilla (in Romanian)

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May 8, 2011

C3 established, waiting for the summit push

Our plan for this climb up the mountain was to complete our acclimatization process and put ourselves in the position to have a try at the summit.  To do that, we wanted to sleep one night at 7000m and reach the next day around ...
April 25, 2011
Alex on the way to C1

Camp 2 established but still no Camp 3

Our plan was to go as far as 7150m and establish Camp 3 spending as well one night there for completing our acclimatization.   We just got up to Camp 2 at around 6400m.  Throughout the night, significant amounts of snow fall ...
April 19, 2011

Alex Gavan on Radio Guerrilla, about his expedition plans (in Romanian)

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April 17, 2011

Stories from Camp 1 (6173) and Base Camp

On the 16th Mario, Anselm, Pawel and myself climbed up to C1 at about 6173m. Mario went down the same day to BC but the rest of us chose to spend the night there for acclimatization. We were the only ones that night at C1, ...
April 12, 2011

Getting ready for Camp 1 - 6200m

Well, it's already too long since we're waiting for the good weather in the BC. But that is a part of the high altitude waiting "game". We'll try to seize the first opportunity to go up. In the meantime we sorted out the gear we ...
April 10, 2011
Alex and Pawel

First thoughts from Kangchenjunga Base Camp

We finally managed to reach base camp on the evening of April 8th in quite bad weather.   Kangchenjunga has some of the most astonishing scenery I have ever encountered in a base camp. I'll let you discover part of it through ...
April 5, 2011

Ramze acclimatization camp. Alex Gavan on Radio Guerrilla (in Romanian)

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April 4, 2011

Two more days to Base Camp

Alex just succeeded in making the internet work and sent us this first photo with Pawel and himself on their acclimatization camp in Ramze. You can see Ratong - 6679m, into the background. Two more days to Base Camp!  
April 2, 2011

În marş spre Kangchenjunga (articol Romania libera)

Alpinistul Alex Găvan va încerca să escaladeze în primavara acestui an vârful Kangchenjunga din Himalaya, al treilea ca înălţime din lume. Situat undeva la graniţa dintre Nepal şi India, Kangchenjunga are o înălţime de 8586 m şi ...


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