Cho Oyu expedition

Friday, August 25, 2006 - 21:00

KHATMANDU, Manang Hotel


...we have just arrived in a noisier and much more disorganised place than bucharest in what is regarding the traffic, it's called Khathmandu. And this after a pretty nasty trip with not a lot of happy stories to tell. 
For the beginning I don't have my main gear down suit,gore shell,my all polar layers, med kit and my sleeping bag. 
This sucks and i'm pretty anoyed at this time because all this are missing and I can't do nothing about it. After a lot off chattin with the new delhi airport authoryties they reashured me that i'll have all my stuff in kathmandu in time for the expedition, but after 36 hours of non sleep I can't even trust myself. I'm happy though that I mannaged to call cosmina-my wife- and hear her,that really felt so good. 
Alex is hi as a kite and keeps yellin' namaste, namaste and dabur amol silky black shampoo from the shower and tryes to cheer me up coz i'm still fumeing about my gear... He was very excited about the chaotic lifestile of kathmandu ,but he'll be cool after a few days when he will start takeing photos with the neigbourhoods of our hotel. 

...we finally got yesterday to Khatmandu after changing three planes and Sergiu is still missing his rucksack containing almost all his altitude gear. Got lost by Austrian Airlines somwhere between Vienna and New Delhi. 
Althought they haven't kept the promise of being send to us by today, I'm pretty confident he'll get it but if not, then we'll have quite a challenge... 
We'll head for Tibet on August 31st and we'll reach the Base Camp after about 6 days, meantime spending time at different altitudes to help with acclimatisation. Till then shopping around for the remaining gear necessary. 
The first photos from the city attached. More to come... 


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