July 6, 2014

Alex resumed acclimatisation climb

Alex Gavan and Gavin Vickers left Broad Peak Base Camp early this morning and headed straight to Camp 2.  They intend to spend the night there and then climb up and establish Camp 3 at around 7100m for two more acclimatisation ...
July 5, 2014

"Just by being, / I'm here- / In snow-fall." (Kobayashi Issa) @ Broad Peak Base Camp, 4850m, Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan.

July 3, 2014

Short notes from Broad Peak Base Camp (3)

I was getting my blood moving yesterday, by going up the glacier, through the snow fall, to K2 Base Camp, to visit my friends Tamara Lunger, Pawel Michalski and Simone la Terra. It snowed all night and, in the morning, I heard ...
June 30, 2014

Alex, unroped from Base Camp to Camp 2

Mladen Dankov, Gavin Vickers and Alex Gavan came down to Broad Peak Base Camp (4950m) yesterday morning, within the acclimatisation process. Although the initial plan was to only set Camp 1 (5500m) and spend the night, they ...
June 29, 2014

The best view is from HERE @ Camp2/6240m in Broad Peak, Karakoram.

June 27, 2014

Laurentiu Anghel, Happy Birthday from Camp 1/5600m in Broad Peak/Karakoram! Consume Zagorka in moderation, trad climb in excess! Ayeee!

June 26, 2014

Acclimatisation climb starts

Alex Gavan and Gavin Vickers left this morning  for their first acclimatisation climb on Broad Peak. Their current plan is to set up  Camp 1 at 5600m altitude and spend one night there. Two more acclimatisation camps will be set ...
June 25, 2014

Short notes from Broad Peak BC (2)

While acclimatising, each time before setting up for the first time for a big climb, I purposely leave some things to be done into the base camp, and not at home. For a few good hours I dive into my tent. Sharpening my crampons ...
June 24, 2014

Short notes from Broad Peak BC (1)

Monday night I had the first glimpse of Broad Peak from Goro 2 For merely half a minute the clouds parted and all I could see was just the very top. It was a sight belonging rather to the sky than to the earth. Yesterday ...
June 22, 2014

Passing yesterday by the Great Trango Tower (6286m), one of the first things I felt was getting me back to Galen Rowell's book title: "Into the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods".


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