Broad Peak (8047m) expedition

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 21:00

Alex Gavan summited Broad Peak (8047m)

Alex Gavan topped out Broad Peak (8047m) on July 23, 3.30 p.m., Pakistani time (13.30 Romania's time). It is his sixth 8000m peak climbed without supplementary oxygen and Sherpa support.

Alex spent last night in Camp 3 (7040m) and has started to descend this morning, heading towards Base Camp, along with Bulgarian climbers Boyan Petrov and Ivan Tomov, who also reached the summit yesterday, at 14.00 pm (Pakistani time).

Official Press Release and other information soon, as more details will emerge.

At times, we understand and feel more, when we have less. Over 8000m, in the so called "death zone", the air is so thin that it sets the borders of a unique, but frozen world, devoid of life. For Alex, reaching the summit of an 8000-er and descending safe and sound, without supplementary oxygen or Sherpa support, is a way to celebrate life and human drive, by going beyond borders as much as possible, while remaining humble and paying respect to the greatness of nature.

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