Broad Peak (8047m) expedition

Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 21:00

Alex, to start climbing for the broad peak summit tommorow

The time has come. After a prolonged period of bad weather and much debate over choosing the proper day for reaching Broad Peak summit, July 23rd has been set as the day for the final climb.

Boyan Petrov, Mladen Dankov, Ivan Tomov and Alex Gavan will climb tomorrow, July 21st, straight to Camp 2 (6240m).

On July 22nd, they will go up to Camp 3 (7040m) and at around midnight they will start for the top. They will share the route till Broad Col (7800m) with Jarek Gawrysiak, Kacper Tekiely and Krzysztof Stasiak from the Broad Peak Middle team.

Most likely they will not establish a Camp 4 (7500m). Deep snow is expected above Camp 3. Some other teams will most likely join the effort.

As always before an 8000m climb, Alex did not wish to make any comments, focusing instead on preparing for the climb.

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