March 18, 2011

In dialogue with Dragos Nicolae

A few days ago I had a  "before departure" chat with Dragos Nicolae. ------------De ce te temi cel mai mult într-o expediţie? A.G. De mine însumi. Cel mai mare inamic al tău eşti chiar tu. Este adevărat că şi partenerii tăi ...
March 16, 2011

Alex Gavan on Radio Guerrilla - about the incoming Kangchenjunga expedition (in Romanian)

Audio File

March 15, 2011

Almost taking off

My departure date is approaching fast and these last days I'm in the "fine tuning everything" phase. I am looking forward to meeting Pawel, Mario and Antonello in Kathmandu. I'll be trying to update my webpage as often as ...
August 7, 2008

Alex Gavan's interview with Marius Vintila on Radio Guerrilla studios

Audio File

July 20, 2008

Too much wind.Too much snow.Too much danger. Too much unpredictability. Too much pain.

"the voice in my head says love is the distance between you and what you love whether you love what you love or live in divided ceaseless revolt against it what you love is your fate" (Frank Bidart) It's over for this ...
July 13, 2008

Still in Base Camp; summit push aborted due to bad weather

Well... we are still in Base Camp after we aborted our Saturday evening intention to start our summit push. The next try should have been this evening but the last night incoming snowfall made us again change our ...
July 10, 2008

Alex Gavan about the tomorrow summit push live on Radio Guerrilla.

Audio File

July 9, 2008

False Summits. True Vanities.

"Great things are done when Men and Mountains meet, This is not done by jostling in the street." (William Blake)   I think the mountains should be a space of freedom and of purity. And of the elevation of the soul. Tired ...


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